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Healthy Tiffin Box Tips For Kids And Grown Ups

Healthy Tiffin Box Tips For Kids And Grown Ups

Be it a kid or a grown-up, tiffin box is an integral part of everyone’s life. With the help of a tiffin box, you can always have your food whenever and wherever you want. It is important to choose tiffin boxes that are safe to use. Tupperware is known for its supreme quality, great designs and leak-proofness.

Over years, tiffin boxes have evolved a lot but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of healthy tiffin habits. Here are some healthy tiffin box tips for kids and grown-ups that will make your tiffin healthier and more enjoyable.

• Choose a good tiffin box

First of all, make sure you choose tiffin box that is safe to use. Insulated lunch boxes are a great choice, especially for office-goers. A fancy lunch box can encourage kids to finish their lunch. Tupperware has great range of lunch boxes that are designed to encourage healthy tiffin habits.

• Hygienic food preparation

It is extremely important to follow hygienic food preparation methods. Wash the tiffin box properly or wipe it with a clean cloth before packing the food. Clean your hands often and make sure the whole process is neat. Use safe food wraps so that harmful compounds don’t leach into the food.

• Balance is the key

When it comes to tiffin box, it is important to note that a balanced diet should be your aim. No matter what age, everybody needs a balanced diet. While packing tiffin, make sure you include food items that cover the main food groups. A perfect balance of everything, from protein to carbohydrates, can help you get through your day energetically.

• Less is more

‘Less is more’ is a great tiffin health mantra. Instead of filling up the tiffin box with a lot of random food items, it is better to pack less but wisely. Often sending more food makes kid habitual of not finishing their lunch. So, it is also a great way to make kids finish their lunch and not miss out on a nutritious diet. You can gradually increase the quantity, if you wish.

• Bite-size fruits

Making fruits an essential part of the lunch box is a wise health decision. Packing chopped fruits is a smart way to encourage kids or even adults to eat healthy. In order to prevent fruits from going brown, don’t forget to add a squeeze of lemon juice.

• Don’t forget to experiment

Healthy doesn’t mean boring. Make sure you keep experimenting with your lunch box recipes. It enhances the overall tiffin experience. There are so many healthy recipes that aren’t only healthy but also super quick to prepare. Everybody loves surprise and food is one of the best surprises. So, be adventurous and get creative with the lunchbox.

• Plan it

If you want to avoid confusion, always plan the tiffin box a night before. It saves time and also helps you explore more healthy options. It also keeps you more organized while working and makes everything super convenient.

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