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Pack a Smile! Healthy, Creative Lunchbox Ideas

Pack a Smile! Healthy, Creative Lunchbox Ideas

Lunchtime is the time of the day that we all wait for, especially if we are in school or the office. But the area we all struggle with is coming up with ideas to make lunch interesting daily. But when you plan ahead you do not have to struggle so much. Here we are sharing some of the interesting lunch ideas that keep things fun while being healthy.

Sandwiches And Wraps

If you are looking for an easy way to create your lunch, then you cannot go wrong with sandwiches and wraps. You can prepare them the same day or prepare them prior and store them in your refrigerator. Some examples of sandwiches and wraps include white beans and spinach quesadillas, cauliflower rice, black bean burritos, Greek chicken and roasted veggie wrap, etc.

Lunch Box Idea For Sandwiches - To pack your wraps and sandwiches, you can choose a slip Tupperware lunch box with a single compartment. In the small compartment, you can add some sauce, fruits or salad, if you like.

Cold Salads

There is more to salads than lettuce. You can use a lot of fresh ingredients to make salads. They are extremely healthy, delicious sand, and easy to carry in your lunch box. Just make sure that you pack the salad dressing separately and drizzle it right before you serve the salad.

Some of the best options for cold salads include chickpea salad, Caprese chicken salad, Greek chicken salad, etc.

Lunch Box Idea For Salads - To take cold salads to work, you would want to use a Tupperware bowl. Furthermore, you can choose a small container designed to secure liquid dressing.

Hot Lunch Meals

If you have no time in the morning, then you can prepare hot lunch meals and reheat them during lunch. There are so many healthy and easily portable recipes. In fact, many of them are freezer-friendly as well. You can store them for a week or even a month.

Some of these recipes include honey garlic chicken thighs, pot fiesta rice bowls, healthier Mongolian beef meal, etc.

Lunch Box Idea For Hot Meals - Considering that Tupperware is heat-safe, you can go for classic lunch boxes. You will get the one with different sections and a bag. This will make it easier for you to store and carry your healthy meal.


This is another interesting and healthy lunch idea that you can store in your fridge and heat when necessary. So just cook a big batch and portion it out throughout the week. Some of the best soup ideas include Thai butternut squash soup, Broccoli cheese soup, beef and barley soup, etc.

Lunch Box Idea For Soups - Tupperware have specially designed containers for soups. Some of them even come with a handle, so you can consume it in an easy manner.

The Bottom Line

Irrespective of what is in your lunch, Tupperware is the best storage option. These are reusable, healthy, and come in a wide range of varieties. And you will get creative lunch boxes for both adults and kids.

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