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Tupperware Warranty

Our products have been proudly backed with our famous Lifetime and (Q) Warranty for more than 20 years, so you can buy with confidence.  


Lifetime Warranty

Tupperware products (except Q Warranty products) are warranted by Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd. (“Tupperware”) to the original owner, to be free of manufacturing defects and to perform under normal domestic conditions when used in accordance with the care instructions for the lifetime of the product.

Q Warranty

Tupperware products with our (Q) Warranty are items, or parts thereof that are not covered by a lifetime warranty, however are still warranted to be free of manufacturing defects.

These products are identified by the    (Q)    symbol placed next to them in the catalogue. Some examples of such products are: Smart Chopper and Xtra Chef Blades, Cover Top, Knives etc.

Additionally, several Q Warranty products are covered by a limited warranty period from the date of its purchase. Some examples of such products are as follows:

  1. Melamine products - 7 years
  2. Non – stick coating - 3 years
  3. Metal cookware products including casseroles, cookers, fry pans, sauce pan - 10 years

These products are identified by the (Q+) symbol followed by the period of warranty placed in the catalogue.

Other Term & Conditions:

  1. Some products are covered by a combination of the Lifetime and Q Warranty.
  2. Only products purchased through an Authorised Tupperware Representative are covered by our warranty.
  3. Tupperware at its sole discretion shall determine whether to repair or replace a product or any part thereof.
  4. Tupperware will repair / replace any Tupperware product, or any part thereof, that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect, such as: warping, cracking, peeling, splitting and other functional issues. The colour of the replacement may vary from the colour of the original product. Where the same product, or part thereof, is not available for replacement, Tupperware will provide an equivalent Tupperware product, or part thereof, of comparable function or an option to choose a product or products of comparable value from its product range.
  5. Our warranties do not cover normal wear and tear through use, or the misuse, abuse or alteration of products including but not limited to damage caused due to burning, blistering, impact damage, scratching, melting, staining, knocking/hitting by hard objects/surfaces, breakage due to mishandling or accidental drop on the floor, excessive heating/cooling, insect/pest damage, poor maintenance, non-adherence to care instructions, rusting, discoloration of steel, blunting of blades and sharp edges due to use, mishandling, improper use, storage and/or cleaning of products.
  6. Tupperware requires that the part or product being claimed (“claimed product”) under warranty should be sent to a Tupperware distributor for review. The claimed product can be returned by handing it over to any Authorised Tupperware Representative. Once received by Tupperware, we will review your claim and you will receive notification of your claim`s outcome. We reserve the right to charge shipping cost and request that all claimed products returned are clean and dry.

For detailed warranty kindly refer to the Tupperware India website.

*Bags, consumables, sleeves, stickers and boxes are support items and will not be considered towards computation of Hostess Gifts, Guest Offers and other Consumer Offers