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Earl Tupper

“The fruits of life fall in the hands of those
who climb the tree and pick them.” - Earl Tupper

Mr. Earl Tupper, the great inventor of Tupperware products, left no stone unturned to create such exceptional products that reinvented or simply made our own lives better.

As it’s famously said that good things happens to those who wait, Mr. Tupper’s story truly reflects this.

From a young dynamic boy at the farm to being a worker at Du Pont, Mr. Earl Tupper had come a long way. Playing around with the waste product of the oil refining process at Du Pont, little did Earl know that this would change everything! It will change his life and many lives across the world were going to be transformed.

Actually Mr. Earl Tupper with his acumen, skill and innovative thinking, started a never-to-end revolution. The Tupperware revolution! In 1946, the Tupperware brand products made their debut and for more than 70 years now, it is still revolutionising lives across the world.

The lightweight and non-breakable plastic containers, with the famous ‘burping seal’, had set Tupperware products a class apart from others. In 1949, Tupperware introduced the 'Wonderlier Bowl' that gave a start to a revolutionary range of kitchen utensils. The, also known as, Wonder bowl was invented with an airtight closure, which was much lighter and stronger than the traditional glass and potter.

Now, one after the other, Mr. Tupper was bringing life to his inventions that were once just a part of his sketchbook. The ‘Bell Tumbler’ that was lighter, durable unlike traditional food containers. The trend of ‘Tupperised Kitchen’, which gave people an altogether different perspective on how to keep things organised in a kitchen and store food that can be kept fresh longer.

With an analytical bent of mind, practical understanding to create useful products, Mr. Tupper had actually cut through the society’s mindset of glass and crockery. He created the need and space for such revolutionary products. Simply because of its usefulness and practical utility.

This was a major shift in the thinking of the society, where beautiful Tupperware products were now being placed and used at parties, get-together and at households. And at the same time, were considered to be in vogue.

In the year 1948, Tupperware products rocketed even higher. One charming lady with her wise skills and completely new marketing strategy completely revolutionised the way Tupperware products were sold.

Mr. Earl Tupper had not imagined that Brownie Wise would be the woman who would revolutionise his plastic company’s sales approach, by her simple and effective idea for 'home parties'. Well, the money started flowing in, and Mr. Tupper’s crazy inventions also never stopped.

What started 70 years ago is still going on and more and more unique, consumer-utility products are being added to the line.

This remarkable lady with her direct one-to-one sales method helped Tupperware break all sales records. The first Tupperware Home Party was held in 1948, introducing an all-new way for Tupperware products to reach consumers. The idea was that a Tupperware Hostess would introduce the Tupperware products to a group of women through one-to-one interactions and live demonstrations.

This way of selling was such a success that the products were pulled off from the market shelves and now are only for sale at demonstrations by a professionally trained consultant. This successful formula is still the formula for Tupperware. Amazing isn’t it!

The biggest contribution that happened as a matter of fact was that Tupperware empowered women to unfold their true potential. It made them look at life differently, and to understand not to become something but to realise what they already are and how Tupperware enables them to do so.

Tupperware is now sold in almost 100 countries, after peaking at more than a hundred after 1996. In almost seven decades, the products have become more diverse, more beautiful and more convenient. 

Tupperware is not just about containers. Do check our Products section to see the myriad products we offer.

History Tupperware India

1996 – Tupperware operations starts in India

2009 – Tupperware India launches the Aquasafe bottles, which creates a nationwide sensation.

2010 – Tupperware India starts a new manufacturing plant in Dehradun

2012 – India’s refurbished Head Office in Gurgaon – ‘Home of Confidence’ inaugurated by Rick Goings, Chairman & CEO – Tupperware Brands Corporation.

2014 – The perfect gift for every occasion was launched, the ‘Tupperware Gifting Catalogue’ launched with a wide range of products.

2015 – Tupperware launches ‘Kitchen Expert Set’ to give your kitchen a makeover, bringing years of kitchen expertise to your doorstep.

2017 – Launches MyLunch which has India’s 1st rectangular liquid tight seal for inner container (8)

2018 – Launches #TupperwareForLife Campaign

Success is so often more about perseverance than anything else.