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Our Story

Our story began when avid inventor, Earl Tupper, created Tupperware in the early 1940s. Today, in more than 100 countries, Tupperware is known for its design-focused storage, serving and food preparation solutions for the kitchen and home.

Experimenting with a purified by-product of the oil-refining process, the American invented a durable, flexible, odourless, non-toxic and light weight plastic that he used to create storage containers.

Tupper’s aim was to develop a product that would keep food fresh in the new age of electric and gas refrigerators, so popular in post-war America. He patented the ingenious Tupper Seal in 1949, not long after introducing the range into department and hardware stores. Unfortunately, consumers did not understand how to use the Seal, and the product languished on shelves.

But it’s still around today, what changed people’s minds?

In the early 1950s, a single mother called Brownie Wise joined the Tupper Corporation and introduced the ‘Party’ concept. So successful was Wise that Tupper withdrew all products from retail outlets and as a result, the Party became the company’s only form of distribution.

The Tupperware Brands Corporation is a global direct seller listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Through an independent sales force of approximately 1.9 million worldwide, the company supplies premium, innovative products across multiple brands and categories.

Tupperware was introduced in Southern Africa in 1964 and is now available nationwide with over 250 000 Consultants forming part of the company. In more than 100 countries, the Tupperware brand is known for its design focused preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. 

Caring for our environment

By using Tupperware products for all your storing, freezing, reheating and serving, you can help reduce the impact that plastic wrap, throw-away containers and disposable packaging has on the environment.