Chef Series Utility Knife 1pc

MRP ₹2,450
Knives age badly. Their blades go from sharp to dull and their utility wears down with time, even after sharpening. Enter Tupperware's Chef Series Knives. Cutting-edge technology, when combined with the traditional techniques of ancient Japanese sword makers, results in a series of knives that are perfectly balanced and stay sharp. The Chef Series Knives are forged stainless steel knives, which straightens the steel increasing the durability of the edge. Leather sharpening further makes the edges smooth, sharp and flawless. These knives will hold the place of pride in any chef's kitchen. This Utility Knife from Tupperware's Chef Series is a superstar knife that will fit into any role. A multitasker and eminently usable in almost any job in the kitchen, this will be your sous chef in the kitchen!