Vegetable Peeler 1pc

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MRP ₹325
Ever tried peeling potatoes with a simple kitchen knife? If you have, then you'll know exactly why you need a top-notch vegetable and fruit peeler in your kitchen. Tupperware's Vegetable Peeler is that one kitchen tool that will make your meal-prep quick, comfortable and easy. This intelligently designed peeler has sharp surgical stainless steel blades that peel skins away in smooth, broad and flawless swipes without wasting the pulp. The broad base on the easy-to-grip handle helps the peeler stand for quick drying. Two tools, one on each side of the peeler, help in precision peeling like scooping out rotten bits or cutting off eyes from vegetables. And Tupperware has added a fun element to this peeler with the star shaped cut out on the handle, which can be used to cut out fun star-shaped pieces of fruits or veggies for your salad or desserts! Do you really need another reason?