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Kitchen Bowls

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Tupperware Bowls

When it comes to serving bowls for kitchen, Tupperware bowls are all-time favourite ones. These bowls come with a renowned Tupperware seal, and as it is leak-proof, you can store liquid or semi-liquid food without any fear. These kitchen bowls can also be used in your kitchen to store food.

These elegant glass bowls are fit for any occasion. You will find serving bowls with lids, to suit your every need. These versatile glass bowls sets can act as salad bowls, soup bowls, kitchen bowls, dinner bowls, or serve-ware for everything from noodles to dry fruits and dip. Moreover, these bowls set with the famous Tupperware lids are safe for the fridge and dishwasher. These elegantly designed bowls make a thoughtful wedding, housewarming, anniversary, or birthday gifts.


Tupperware kitchen bowls sets comprise of high-quality polypropylene plastic which means, they have a high melting point and are microwave friendly. Moreover, these serving bowls set do not react with detergents or water and are resistant to stress and cracking. Apart from this, these bowls are quite resilient, withstanding daily wear and tear. These come with high-quality leak-proof lids to prevent any leakage. Tupperware stays flexible and does not dry out or cracks like other brands easily. They use top-quality rubber, which retains the most and the best anti-oxidants possible. These anti-oxidants delay ageing and UV damage, so they last more.


Good-quality product: All Tupperware products are made from non-toxic, safe, non-carcinogenic materials; thus, they do not emit harmful chemicals to liquid or food contents. Additives and Materials used in this product surpass Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards. This means you can use this product with complete peace of mind every time.

Inventive Design: Tupperware products are meant to inspire. Most of the Tupperware products have received worldwide rewards, for instance, IF Seal Award, Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Reddot Award, and several others.

Colour Safe: One can enjoy the good looks of Tupperware products in excellent trendy colors. All these colorants used are registered on the French Positive List, and it also complies with Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Resolution AP (89) 1 requirements.

Outstanding quality and finish: All Tupperware products have passed strict tests and are built to last. Its smooth finishing and design make Tupperware products a pleasure to hold and use for any event. The top-quality and standards are replicated in its typical single product mould.

Environment Friendly: Tupperware serving bowls set helps saving the earth from further dilapidation and contamination as its products are designed for enduring use.

Simple cleaning: Cleaning Tupperware bowls is relatively easy as you can do it comfortably with liquid soap and lukewarm water. For tough stains, vinegar or baking soda mixed with water can do wonders. To ensure its longevity, clean the bowls thoroughly after each use and refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents.

Save money: Tupperware products can help you save money. Your food will not get rotten and will stay fresh for a longer time. Tupperware products are today’s resolution for decreasing plastic waste as they are made to last! These durable products help families reduce the number of disposables purchased and ultimately sent to landfills. The Tupperware bowl is backed up through the Tupperware product warranties.

Organise your freezer and pantry: With Tupperware bowls online, you can very well organise your freezer and pantry. You also get to save money by buying bulk quantities of food and can keep food fresher longer in the freezer or pantry.
So, invest in Tupperware products today and make your life simpler and more enjoyable.