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Airtight Storage Containers That Preserve Food Better And Longer

Airtight Storage Containers That Preserve Food Better And Longer

Improper food storage can result in many issues like mold and bacteria growth, spoilage of food, and food waste. Moreover, when you do not store your food properly, it can influence the taste as well. And it can result in food wastage that costs billions of dollars annually. This is why households and commercial spaces need to use good food storage containers to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

When it comes to finding the best food storage container, most of us rely on Tupperware containers. And here is the reason why Tupperware considered one of the biggest inventions of the 20th century:

Storage Containers By Tupperware Are BPA-Free

People refrain from using plastic storage containers because of the harmful properties like BPA. There have been many studies suggesting that BPA is harmful to humans, so what exactly is BPA? It is an abbreviation for Bisphenol-A and industrial chemicals utilized to make resins and hard plastics. A majority of plastic food containers have BPA. Although the amount of BPA in these containers is said to be not dangerous, exposure over time can have a harmful effect on health.

But Tupperware storage containers do not contain BPA and are safe for reheating, and do not melt or warp. These products are designed to be used in microwaves and adhere to AICS, TSCA, DSL, EINECS, KECL, ENCS, and many other compliances.

Award-Winning Design

With changing times, Tupperware design also witnesses changes and advancements. But the thing that does not change is the unique seals and bright colors. Tupperware has a competitive advantage over other plastic containers because of the versatile design. Designs of Tupperware are different based on the food of the particular countries. Moreover, the products are durable, do not stain, are easy to wash, and continue to be food grade. Tupperware’s design has bagged many awards, including:
● IF Seal Awards and Green Good Design Award
● Reddot Design Award
● International Design Excellence Award

Safe From Color Transmission

We all love the bright colors that Tupperware containers come in. But many worries that the colors used can be harmful to their health. Tupperware storage containers only use colorants that are registered under the French Positive List and Circular Letter No. 176. This is the strictest list in this industry. Moreover, Tupperware also adheres to the Council of Europe Committee Of Ministers Resolutions AP (89)1.

These suggest that the colorants used in Tupperware will not transmit any of their components to foods. So there will be no change in the food composition or impact on human health.

Reliability And Reusability

The reason why millions of people around the world use Tupperware containers is because of their ability to be reused for a long time. In fact, these storage containers come with a lifetime warranty. So you can pass your Tupperware container collection to future generations. This allows these products to contribute significantly to protecting the environment from plastic wastage.

The Bottom Line

Being responsible for the way you store food can solve many problems. And Tupperware storage containers provide a durable, effective, and healthy way to store your food and keep your kitchen healthy.

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